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About CEN Beauty Device

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CEN Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer and exporter of beauty care products & home electronic products in Guangdong, China, since 2013. Our aim is to improve brand awareness and product competitiveness, and to bring high quality products to users. Experience and a more refined life, let users achieve the pursuit of health and beauty

CEN Beauty Device

Fashion DIY Beauty Tools

We focus on Electronic brushes, comb, and straighteners

Delivering solutions that
transforn our industry.

What we are pursuing from our establishment is mutual benefit for customers and ourselves. We wish to be your partner and welcome your market feedback. We will strive to provide you with high quality products at the most competitive prices and excellent services.


Established in 2004 over 16 years of experience


More than 4000 customers


250+ Cites served


More than 25+ Awords and certifictions


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